Used Tires

New tires aren't necessarily better

Save money on your tires by taking advantage on the great deals on used tires from The Tire Shop.



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Used tires sale

Giving new life to old tires

"Used tires" doesn't mean tires that are worn out, unsafe, or no longer useful.

There are many sources for used tires, including many that are in nearly-new condition.

When new cars are sold, the tires are changed before they leave the lot. Many people also change the tires on their cars more frequently than is necessarily simply to keep up their appearance.

These tires are in fantastic condition – which means you can use them safely and save money! Whether you want to save on a full set or are just replacing one tire and want even wear, used tires are an ideal option.

Professional installation you can trust

Don’t worry if you don't know which tire you should choose for your vehicle. All types of tires are available – and you can get reliable advice about which tire has the correct amount of wear for your needs.

Once you've chosen the correct tire for your needs, the installation is critical. Improperly installed tires can be loose, creating a dangerous situation.

Take advantage of FREE installation with your tire purchase.

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