Car battery

Put some cash in your pocket for the parts you don't need!

If you are restoring a vehicle, building a new one, or just making some repairs, you likely have some extra pieces sitting around. Don't just let them go to waste. Sell them to us and get some extra cash.



Car parts

Pack your wallet with cash for your used car parts

Just because those parts sitting in your garage aren't useful for you anymore doesn't mean they aren’t useful to anyone. Bring them in and let us buy them!

Used car parts offer fantastic, inexpensive car repairs – and people want them! Get top dollar for the parts you aren't using any more.

  • Car batteries
  • Aluminum rims
  • Aluminum radiators
  • Alternator cores
  • Starter cores
  • Brass radiators

Use the cash for what you want!

You aren't getting a store credit or a trade for the used parts you bring in.

You will get paid cash – meaning you can use it to buy tires or drive away with it and get whatever you want!

Give us a call to find out how to sell your used parts!

(808) 853-4317

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